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The Paradox of Wealth
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Rabbi Shimon the son of Yehuda would say in the name of Rabbi Shimon the son of Yochai: Beauty, strength, wealth, honor, wisdom, seniority, old age and children are becoming to the righteous and becoming to the world. As is stated: etc. – Kinyan HaTorah 8 (often listed as Avos 6:8) This beraisa contains an unspoken paradox, one that seems […]
41. Some People Are More Equal Than Others
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Having demonstrated that only man enjoys individual providence, the Rambam proceeds to elaborate on the idea that this providence correlates directly with the intellectual influence that one receives from God. [III, 18] If this is the case, it follows logically that the greater share one has of the latter, the more he will receive of […]
Anger Management
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Avos 4, 23: Rabbi Shimon ben Elazar used to say: Do not appease your fellow in the time of his anger, nor comfort him while his deceased one is lying before him. Do not question him in the time of his vow. Do not try to see him in the time of his disgrace. R’ […]