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2.13. Manipulating Spiritual Forces
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Sources refer to the Ramchal’s Derech Hashem. —————————————– In section 5, we discussed how all creations are rooted in spiritual forces; this includes evil, which emanates from evil forces. We have likewise discussed how everything that exists physically is a reflection of a spiritual counterpart. Everything physical is therefore tethered to a spiritual force, with […]
Your Unique Song
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Sometimes a person looks around at what others have, and starts to feel like he is living a deprived life. He thinks to himself, “If only I had his family, or if only I had his business, or if only I had his life…I would accomplish so much more. I would be such a better […]
Tzarich Iyun: Making Berachot after Kiddush
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Misconception:After drinking wine at a kiddush, one is required to make a separate berachah (blessing) over soda and other liquids. Fact: Assuming one drank some wine or grape juice, the borei peri hagafen recited over it exempts all drinks within the collation, much the same way that hamotzi covers other foods. Background: Over the centuries, […]