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Tzarich Iyun: The Sabra
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Misconception: The sabra, a symbol of a native-born Israeli, is indigenous to the desert areas of Israel. Fact: The sabra is native to the desert areas of Mexico and southern United States. Background: The sabra is known in Hebrew as tzabar,[1] in English, as the prickly pear or Indian fig. Scientifically, it is in the […]
3.21 – Signs of One Who Loves God
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(Based on Chovos HaLevevos, Shaar Ahavas Hashem chapter 6) People who love God exhibit a number of signs. First of all, they reject a surplus of material things, as these distract one from the service of God. People who love God have a visible “fear” (yirah, meaning awe or reverence) of Him, as per Exodus 20:16, […]