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2.5. Spiritual Forces
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Sources refer to the Ramchal’s Derech Hashem. —————————————– Creation is made up of two components, the physical and the spiritual. The physical component is that which we can perceive through our senses. This includes both terrestrial and celestial phenomena. The former includes such things as soil, water and air, while the latter includes the stars […]
Unexpected Salvation
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Chazal compare earning a livelihood and getting married to the splitting of the ים סוף -Red Sea. Rav Bunim explained the comparison as follows. The Jewish people were trapped at the Red Sea. The Egyptians were behind them, wild animals were on either side and the sea was in front of them. They cried out […]
Bashert Doesn’t Mean That It Has to Be
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Imagine it is Rosh Hashanah. I am standing in shul when suddenly a loud voice booms: “RABBI!” “Yes…” I meekly respond. “I HAVE BEEN SENT FROM HEAVEN TO DELIVER A MESSAGE.” “Yes, yes. Tell me. Please tell me. What is it?” “THEY SENT ME TO TELL YOU THAT THIS YEAR, YOU WILL MAKE A MILLION […]