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Customs Observed in the Shiva House
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Note: This section discusses just a few of the mourning practices observed in a shiva house. It is not a substitute for a thorough study of these laws. Please consult your rabbi with questions of practical application. It is customary to light a candle in deceased’s home, based upon the request of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi […]
Tzarich Iyun: The Two Brothers and the Temple Mount
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Misconception: God’s choice of Mount Moriah as the site for the Beit Hamikdash is based on a midrash involving two brothers who expressed their mutual devotion to each other by each surreptitiously giving of his grain to the other. Fact: This beautiful and widespread fable has no basis in traditional Jewish literature. Background: The holiest […]
3.10 – Predestination vs. Free Will
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Chovos HaLevavos, Shaar HaAvodah chapter 8  ************************************ There are numerous verses that address the issue of God’s control of the world and predestination. Among these: Whatever God desired, He performed, in Heaven and on Earth (Psalms 135:6); God causes death and causes life, He brings down to the grave and raises up. God causes poverty […]