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Tzarich Iyun: Duchening
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Misconception: During duchening (when the Kohanim bless the congregation), one should not look at the Kohanim mainly because it can lead to losing one’s vision. Ways to avoid this include covering oneself with a tallit or turning around and facing sideways or backwards. Fact: According to most opinions, nowadays, one should not look at the […]
Those Who Rely Upon God vs. Those Who Don’t
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Shaar HaBitachon Chapter 5 There are seven differences between a person who trusts in God and one who doesn’t. One who trusts in God accepts His judgment in all circumstances and thanks God for the bad as well as for the good, as Job said, “God gives and God takes away; blessed be the Name of […]
Standing for a Chatan and Kallah
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Misconception: There is an obligation to stand for a chatan and kallah when they walk down the aisle to the chuppah. Fact: Traditional sources state that one should stand during the recitation of the berachot recited under the chuppah, but the practice of standing as the chatan and kallah walk down the aisle seems to […]