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3.8 Learning to Perceive God
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Sources refer to Rabbi Bachaye ibn Pakuda’s Chovos HaLevavos (Duties of the Heart)  ************************************ Seven Different Types of Signs (Chapter 4) There are seven different types of signs of wisdom in creation that we may observe and contemplate: The signs of wisdom inherent in the basic elements of the world. Regarding these, King David said, […]
Women Bentching Gomel
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Misconception: After childbirth, a woman’s husband should bentch Gomel on her behalf. Fact: According to most authorities, a woman after childbirth should personally recite Birkat HaGomel. Background: Birkat HaGomel is a blessing recited to thank God for His salvation after one safely emerges from a dangerous situation, of which one of the four prototypical examples […]