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Eliyahu HaNavi at the Seder
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MISCONCEPTION: According to ancient tradition, Eliyahu HaNavi makes a furtive appearance at every Pesach Seder. FACT: There is no classical (Talmudic or midrashic) source stating that Eliyahu pays a visit to the Seder every year. Most sources refer only to an eschatological appearance at the End of Days, that is, Eliyahu’s arrival to announce the […]
3.2 – Determining That There Is a Creator
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Sources refer to Rabbi Bachaye ibn Pakuda’s Chovos HaLevavos (Duties of the Heart)  ************************************ Three Premises (Chapter 5) It is necessary to accept three premises in order to reach the conclusion that the world has a Creator: A thing cannot create itself; There are a limited number of causes, so there must have been a […]