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2.4. Elevating the Mundane
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Sources refer to the Ramchal’s Derech Hashem. —————————————– A person’s condition in this world depends on a combination of internal and external factors. [I, 4.1] Upon birth, a human being is almost completely physical in nature, as the intellect exerts only a negligible influence. As a person matures, the influence of his intellect grows to […]
Tzarich Iyun: Women’s Zimun
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Misconception:Three or more women forming a zimun (responsive introduction to Grace after Meals), especially in the presence of one or two men, is the product of late 20th century feminism and has no basis in traditional halachah. When such a zimun is formed, the men present should leave. Fact: Women participating in a meal in […]
How to Get Close to Hashem?
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Nothing is better for a person than to be close to Hashem. The highest level of closeness is achieved through prayer. Chazal tell us that our אמהות (Matriarchs) were barren because Hashem desired their prayers. Some would ask, is it fair that the אמהות should suffer because Hashem wanted their prayers? That question stems from […]