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The “DE” Foods: Can a Product be “Sort” of Parve?
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Perhaps the question most frequently asked of the OU is, “Does this OU-Dairy product actually contain dairy?” This question is of particular interest to those observing supra-legal kashrus stringencies with respect to dairy products. Join Rabbi Binyomin Geiger, the public face of OU Kashruth on the OU Hot-Line, as he discusses this deceptively complex topic. Find out if ingredient panels can assist the curious consumer, and learn once and for all the reasons the OU does not put “DE” on its labels!
What’s Cooking With Kosher Tea?
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You may want us to “leaf” you alone, but there really are kashrus issues with tea! Rabbi Akiva Tendler, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, masterfully weaves together the Torah and the technology of tea manufacture. Enzymes, acid, rice—all kinds of kashrus surprises are in store, so come “oolong” with Rabbi Tendler.
Where There’s Smoke (or Vapor), There’s Kashrus
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One if by land, two if by sea–and kosher if by air? Join Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, for a discussion of a surprising facet of kosher laws: air-borne substances. Rabbi Ferrell addresses aromas, vapors, and smoke and how they impact on kashrus in the home and in the factory. […]