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The source for the laws pertaining to Yoshon (old crops) are found in Vayikra (23:9-14). These laws are applicable to the Chamishas HaMinim of barley, oats, rye, spelt and wheat. These grains are Yoshon if they took root prior to Pesach. If the grains did not take root prior to Pesach then they are chadash […]
Milchigs and Fleishigs in the Oven
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It is common to be faced with questions regarding using an oven for both milchigs and fleishigs. Can I kasher the oven, or should I wait 24 hours? What about just covering the food? Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 509:5) says that one may kasher a griddle from milchig to fleishig with libun kal, even if it […]
What could be wrong with… ? – Part I
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When I was a child, shopping for a kosher candy bar was a simple matter. In those days, a candy bar was only a nickel. We would carefully review the ingredients printed on the back label. If there was no gelatin in the candy, we wisely concluded that the product was unquestionably kosher. No matter […]