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What Could Be Wrong With… Fish?
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One of the most serious misimpressions that persists in the minds of kosher consumers is the belief that one can eat inherently kosher foods prepared in non-kosher restaurants. Professionals are often under great pressure to go out with clients or colleagues to lunch and dinner. When kosher restaurants are not available, people rationalize that they […]
What Could Be Wrong With the “K?”
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A number of years ago, an OU-certified company requested authorization to use “Charlie’s Bread Crumbs” in their product. Since a “K” was prominently displayed on the bread crumb label, I called the Charlie company to inquire which rabbi provided their kosher supervision. Mr. Johnson politely advised me that they were under the strict supervision of […]
Is Olive Oil Permitted for Use in the Chanukah Menorah?
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With Chanukah quickly approaching our thoughts turn to olive oil used for the Menorah. Many people are confused with the various types of olive oil and those which can be used to fulfill the Hidur Mitzvah of lighting with שמן זית. In this article we will attempt to “shed light” on this topic. Extra Virgin […]