The Turkey: Kashrus with All the Stuffings – VIDEO

Rabbi Chaim Loike
Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kashruth

Did you gobble down some poultry on Thanksgiving? Listen to Rabbi Chaim Loike and discover the lesser-known odyssey of the turkey in the world of kashrus! Rabbi Loike is a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kosher with special expertise in avian kashrus. In this video, Rabbi Loike uses live birds as he discusses what it is that makes a bird kosher. When is a predator not a predator? And when is a quail not a quail? And who was it that kept the turkey in the kosher kitchen? Tune in; you’ll be coming “beak” for more! This seminar was recorded live at the Bialostoker Synagogue in New York, NY on November 25, 2009. Download source sheet.

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