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AKO Kosher Seminar Pt. 10
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Part 10 of 10 K-Cups + Keurig Machines - Presented by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane; Kashrus Administrator, cRc & Executive Director, AKO Chalav Stam in Overseas Milk - Conclusions of AKO beis Din - Presented by Rabbi Dovid Cohen; Rabbinic Coordinator, cRc & Rabbi Eli Gersten; Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Open Discussions - Moderated by Rabbi Avraham Ossey; Senior Rabbinic Coordinator, Kof-K.
AKO Kosher Seminar Pt. 8
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Part 8 of 10 Balancing Family Life with our All-Consuming Jobs - Presented by Mr. David Mandel; CEO, OHEL Children's Home and Family Services & Dr. Norman Blumenthal; Director of Trauma, Bereavement and Crisis Intervention, OHEL.