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Mental Preparation When saying the shema, focus on the idea that God is: Everywhere, Infinite, Unique, Present now and always. Witness to God’s Uniqueness We are witnesses to the fact that God is unique, as alluded to in the word “eid“–made up of the “ayin” of shema and the “dalet” of echad. Love God We […]
628. What One May Request of a Non-Jew on Shabbos
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Shabbos 6:9 A Jew is permitted to direct a non-Jew to perform an activity that is not an act of labor and that is only prohibited on Shabbos to encourage rest (shvus), so long as it is necessary for a person in discomfort, for a compelling matter, or for a mitzvah. Shabbos 6:10 Because of […]
627. Waiting After Shabbos to Perform Labor
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Shabbos 6:7 If a city inhabited by both Jews and non-Jews has a bathhouse that is open on Shabbos, then if the majority of residents are non-Jews, it is permitted to bathe there immediately after Shabbos. If the majority of residents are Jewish, one must wait after Shabbos long enough so that the water could […]