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35. Prophecy
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Yesodei HaTorah 7:1 One of the basic principles of Judaism is that God communicates with us through prophecy. Prophecy is granted only to a wise scholar of strong character, who never yields to his natural urges in any way. Rather, he always uses his mind to overcomes his urges. He must also possess very keen […]
34. Holy and Secular Names
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Yesodei HaTorah 6:8 Holy writings and their commentaries may not be actively burned or destroyed. If a person actively did so, he would receive stripes for being rebellious. This rule only applies to texts that written by a Jew with the intention that they should be holy; if a Jewish heretic writes a Torah scroll, […]
33. Names Not Written on Paper
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Yesodei HaTorah 6:6 If a Name of God is written on a utensil, it should be cut off and buried. If God’s Name were engraved on a utensil of metal or glass and a person melted the utensil, he would still be liable for the penalty of lashes. Therefore, one should cut off the Name […]