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459. A Broken Corner
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Tzitzis 1:18 Let’s say that the corner of a garment that has tzitzis attached gets ripped off of the garment. If more than three fingerbreadths were ripped off, it may be reattached, but not if less than three fingerbreadths were ripped off. If the torn-off part of the garment is between the tzitzis and the […]
458. Adding a Corner
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Tzitzis 1:16 Similarly (to the case in 1:15), if a person put tzitzis on a three-cornered garment and then he added a fourth corner and put tzitzis on it, all of the tzitzis are invalid. Deuteronomy 22:12 says, “Make fringes” – make them, do not repurpose those that were made before. Tzitzis 1:17 A garment […]