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851. Forbidden Produce on Shabbos
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Shabbos 25:18 If a rock was placed in the bucket of a well (to enable it to sink in water), then if it the rock does not fall out when water is drawn, it is considered part of the bucket and one may draw water with it. If the rock does fall out, one may […]
Pesukim in Songs
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1. The Gemara (Sanhedrin 101a) states that, “One who reads a pasuk from Shir HaShirim and transforms it into a sort of song or sings a pasuk in an inappropriate time such as at a party (beis hamishtaos) brings evil to the world, since the Torah wears sackcloth and complains before Hashem, ‘Your children have […]
Brit Mila: The Seuda
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It goes without saying that a brit will always include a festive meal following the ceremony.[1] It is interesting to note, however, that serving a meal at a brit is actually more of a custom than a halachic requirement.[2] It is said that the source for serving a meal at a brit derives from Avraham […]