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Borei Minei Mezonot
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General Rules Say the fore-blessing borei minei mezonot on non-bread foods if: Grain The Five Grains (wheat, rye, oats, barley, or spelt) make up at least 20% of the food’s flour volume, AND Cooking Method Food is cooked or baked, AND Meal or Snack You intend to eat the food as a snack and not […]
1,284. Tzidduk HaDin
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198:13 Upon reaching the cemetery, one who hasn’t seen a grave for 30 days recites the bracha “asher yatzar eschem badin” (“Who formed you in judgment”). Afterwards, he recites the bracha “Atah gibbor” (“You are mighty,” from Shemoneh Esrei) through the words “l’hachayos meisim” (“to revive the dead”). 198:14 Next, the prayer “Tzidduk HaDin” is […]