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780. Working Animals on Shabbos
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Shabbos 19:26 On Friday afternoon, a little before nightfall, a tailor should not go carrying a needle, nor a scribe with a pen, out of concern that he may forget and end up transporting it on Shabbos. One is required to check his clothes on Friday afternoon before nightfall out of concern that he may […]
779. Finding a Torah on Shabbos
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Shabbos 19:24 If the one who found a pile of tefillin is afraid to wait by them until after nightfall because of thieves, he should take the whole pile at one time and carry them fewer than four cubits at a time (within six feet). Alternately, he can pass them to another person, who passes […]
778. Finding Tefillin on Shabbos
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Shabbos 19:22 If a zav (a man who has experienced a particular type of emission) goes out with a receptacle, he is liable because this is the way such a receptacle is transported. This is so even though he doesn’t need the receptacle itself but he uses it only to keep his clothes from being […]