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528. Hearts of Palm, Peppers and More
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Brachos 8:6 The bracha on hearts of palm is shehakol. On petals of the caper bush, the bracha is Borei pri ho’adamah because they are not fruit. Caper berries, which are the fruit of this bush, take the bracha of Borei pri ho’eitz. Brachos 8:7 Borei pri ho’adamah is recited over fresh peppers and ginger. […]
527. Brachos on Soup and Sugar
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Brachos 8:4 If one cooks vegetables that are often cooked, he recites Borei pri ho’adamah on the soup that is produced because this soup is considered like the vegetables themselves. This is only the case when one cooks them in order to drink the soup. Shehakol is recited over the honey of dates. Nevertheless, if […]
526. Brachos on Fruit Juice, Raw and Cooked Vegetables
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Brachos 8:2 If a person squeezes fruit – except for grapes and olives – to extract the juice, the bracha is shehakol before and Borei nefashos after. Over wine, one recites Borei pri hagafen before and the bracha that includes the three themes of bentching (i.e., al hagefen) after. One recites ho’eitz before olive oil. […]