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1,296. More About Burial on Yom Tov
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200:4 The reason the Sages decided to treat the second day of yom tov like a weekday when it comes to burying the dead is because of the honor due to the deceased, so that they should not be left in a disgraceful state. Other things, however, are prohibited. For example, one may not negotiate […]
1,295. A Funeral on Yom Tov
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200:2 Some authorities say that if it’s possible to have the burial performed on the first day of yom tov by a non-Jew, then we may not wait for the next day to have a Jew do it. This is so even if the deceased died that day so that we could wait until the […]
1,294. The Unveiling
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199:17 The practice in some places is not to erect headstones until after twelve months. This is because the headstone is made for one’s prestige and within the first twelve months one is still distressed. Another reason for the headstone is so we don’t forget the deceased in our hearts and there is no danger […]