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574. The Bracha on Circumcising a Convert
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Milah 3:3 Next, the father of the baby, the mohel, or one of the people present recites the bracha that God “has sanctified the dear one from the womb, placed the statute in his flesh, and sealed his descendants with the sign of the holy covenant. Therefore, in this merit, living God, our portion and […]
573. The Brachos on a Bris
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Milah 3:1 Before a bris, the mohel recites the bracha that God “has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us regarding circumcision.” This is the case when one circumcises another person’s son; if he circumcises his own son, he recites the bracha that God commanded us “to circumcise a son.” The father of the […]
572. A Bris on Yom Tov
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Milah 2:9                                                                         If they forgot to bring a knife on Friday, one may ask a non-Jew to bring it on Shabbos so long as he does not carry it through the public domain. The general rule is that one may request a non-Jew to perform an activity that is prohibited because of shvus (to enforce […]