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235. Reciting Shema Without Intention
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Kriyas Shema 1:13 If a person recited Shema after the third hour of the day, he does not fulfill his obligation to recite Shema in its proper time even if he was delayed by circumstances beyond his control. He does, however, have the merit of Torah study. A person should recite the blessings before and […]
From the Funeral Home to the Cemetery
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Offspring at Funeral Attending a funeral is a mitzva—that of honoring the dead person–but in attending a parent’s funeral, there is the added mitzva of honoring a parent. Adult (at least bar mitzva or bat mitzva) offspring should attend their parent’s funeral, unless there is a financial, health, or other significant reason not to attend. […]
234. The Time to Recite the Morning Shema
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Kriyas Shema 1:11 One should start to recite the morning Shema before sunrise so that he has finished and is reciting the last blessing with sunrise. The time to start is one-tenth of an hour before sunrise. If a person recites Shema after sunrise, he still fulfills his obligation since the time for Shema lasts […]