400. Blessing over Fragrances

57:7 If someone comes to a meal and is given a beverage, over which he recites a bracha, and he is later given more cups to drink, if this is the normal local practice, then he probably expected it and intended his bracha to include everything. If so, then he need not recite a new bracha. (Nevertheless, it is still preferable to have particular intention to include whatever he may be served – Mishnah Brurah 179:16.)

58:1 Just as we may not benefit from food or drink without first reciting a bracha, we may likewise not enjoy pleasant fragrances without saying the appropriate brachos. Psalms 150:6 tells us that all souls will praise G-d. The Talmud in Brachos (43b) tells us that the thing that nourishes the soul, rather than the body, is a pleasing aroma. There is no bracha after enjoying fragrances since the benefit ceases as soon as one stops smelling them, like food that one has already digested.