757. Not Respecting Chol HaMoed

104:2 Our Sages also said that one who disrespects chol hamoed, even if he possesses Torah and good deeds, will have no share in the Next World. To disrespect chol hamoed means not to honor it through one’s food, drink and clothes. Therefore, every person is required to honor chol hamoed according to his ability and to wear fine clothes on it.

104:3 Work that may be performed to avoid a loss may also be done by another Jew, even for pay. (Bi’ur Halacha 542:1 s.v. davar haveid suggests that it would still be preferable to have the work done by a non-Jew, or by a Jew for free.) Something that is being done not to avoid a loss but for the sake of the holiday may not be done by another Jew for pay but should be done by a non-Jew. If a non-Jew is not available and if one cannot do it himself, then he may give the job to another Jew for pay. (Things that are necessary for food may be done even by a workman for pay – Bi’ur Halacha 542:1 s.v. afilu melachos.)