351. Wine

49:1 On wine, one says “borei pri hagafen” beforehand and “al hagefen” after. It makes no difference what kind of wine it is, even if it is still fermenting, or even if the juice flowed from grapes on its own. If the wine is pasteurized, if one added other flavorings, the bracha is the same. If it smells like vinegar but still tastes like wine, the bracha remains hagafen but if its tastes like vinegar to the extent that most people would no longer drink it, there is a doubt regarding its bracha. Even if one said shehakol over it, there remains a doubt about the concluding bracha. It is therefore advisable to avoid drinking such wine unless one first makes the bracha over wine that definitely requires hagafen to be recited.

Regarding wine that was made from treading on grape peels rather than by squeezing them in a wine press, if one added water to it, even if no more wine resulted from it than the volume of the water that was added – or even less – if it tastes like wine, the bracha is hagafen. If the grape peels were squeezed in a wine press and water was then poured over them, or if water was poured over wine dregs, the beverage is considered like water.