673. A Newborn on Shabbos; Eiruvei Chatzeiros

Please consult with your own rabbi regarding the practical application of laws in this area.

On Shabbos, a newborn infant may be washed, the cord may be cut, its limbs may be straightened, and we may do everything it needs. However if the child will not survive, it may not be moved. The mother may lean over the child and nurse it, because it is painful if she cannot express milk. [Editor’s note: this halacha does not reflect modern medical technology; many children who once would not have survived may now be saved.]

94:1 If two or more Jews have homes opening onto a common courtyard, they may not carry from their houses to the courtyard, nor from the courtyard to the houses, nor from one house to another, even without going through the courtyard. For example, if there is a doorway or a window between the houses, it is nevertheless forbidden to carry through there. Rather, the residents are obligated to join together through “eiruvei chatzeiros” in order to avoid potential violations.