659. Heartburn and Stomach Pain

The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch was written in the 1800s, based on the Shulchan Aruch, which was written in the 1500s. This chapter discusses the medical treatments of the times, some of which may now be discredited. Here, we only address the permissibility of those treatments on Shabbos, not their medical effectiveness. Please consult your own rabbi regarding matters of medical treatment on Shabbos. In case of serious illness or injury, seek medical attention!

91:5 If a person suffers from heartburn that can be treated by sucking milk directly from a goat’s udder, he may do so on Shabbos. This is permitted because he is extracting in an unusual manner and the Sages did not forbid this in the case of a sick person’s distress.

91:6 One who is suffering from stomach pain may place on it a cup from which hot liquid was just poured. This is permitted even if it still contains vapor. One may likewise warm up clothing and place them upon him. (One may not use a hot water bottle for minor illnesses but one may act leniently in a case of great need – Mishnah Brurah 326:19.)