526. The Cup Used for Kiddush

77:6 Wine that has been boiled and wine that has honey in it may be used for Kiddush. Some authorities do not permit these wines to be used for Kiddush because they would not be considered suitable for use on the Temple altar. Therefore, if possible, it would be preferable to use some other wine for Kiddush. (Rema 272:8 says that we are lenient in this matter if the other wine is not as high-quality as the boiled wine or the honey wine.)

77:7 The cup used for Kiddush must be complete and clean. All the laws previously stated regarding the cup used for bentching (45:3-4) also apply to the cup used for Kiddush, both by day and by night, and for havdala. There is a custom to make Kiddush at night over a large cup so that there will be some wine left for the daytime Kiddush and for havdala. (There are authorities who question the validity of this custom altogether – Mishnah Brurah 271:57.)