798. Starched Clothes

112:2 Grain in which kernels were sprouting or split, even if they are a few mixed in with many, and grain on which water had fallen or that had been soaked with water, may not be kept over Pesach. (There is room for leniency in the case of a financial loss – Shaarei Tziyon 447:30.) Anything that was made from such grain may likewise not be kept. If one person sells another grain that had become wet, he must inform him so that the buyer will know not to keep it over Pesach. One may not sell it to a non-Jew if there is reason to be concerned that the non-Jew will re-sell it to a Jew, who may end up keeping it over Pesach. (If it has visibly become chometz, one may sell it to a Jew or a non-Jew without concern – MB 467:1.)

112:3 Clothes that were washed and starched may be worn on Pesach but one may not use a tablecloth that has any traces of starch on it because it’s possible that pieces of the starch may end up on the table. It should go without saying that one may not use a starched cloth to hold Pesach flour.