406. A Perfume Shop

58:12 If someone enters a perfumery or a pharmacy in order to smell the fragrance, he should recite “Borei minei besamim.” This is because the scents are in that store with the intention that they are meant to be smelled so that people will buy them. If one goes in and out of the shop repeatedly, if this was always his plan, he does not say the bracha each time. If his attention was turned to other matters in the interim, if he delayed a long time before returning, or if he entered a different store with fragrances, he must repeat the bracha.

58:13 One does not say a bracha on a fragrance that has no substance. This includes such things as clothes that have been perfumed, a container that had held spices and absorbed their aroma, and one who handled esrogim and retains their scent on his hands or clothes.