392. Ho’eitz or Ho’adomah vs. Shehakol

55:3 The seven species only take precedence when they are fully ripe. A fruit that has not yet ripened does not take priority because, despite the Torah’s praise for these fruits, that praise is only intended for something that has become ready. Therefore, if one ate one of the seven species in a manner that gives him no benefit, such as chewing on wheat (which would be hoa’domah rather than mezonos – OC 211:5), then the normal hierarchy of brachos does not apply.

55:4 If one has in front of him something whose bracha is ho’eitz or ho’adomah, plus something whose bracha is shehakol, and he wants to eat both, the more specific bracha of ho’eitz or ho’adomah comes first. This is the case even if the diner prefers the food whose bracha is shehakol.