357. Guests and Hatov Vehameitiv

49:13 One only says the bracha of hatov vehameitiv when there is another person who is sharing both types of wine with him. This is implicit in the words “hatov” – i.e., that God is good to him – “vehameitiv” – that God does good things for others. It doesn’t have to be a guest; one’s wife and children count as others in this regard. If he is alone, however, hatov vehameitiv is not said.

If a host places a bottle of wine on the table so that whoever wants to can help himself, the guests are considered as if they own a share in the wine, so they can recite hatov vehameitiv. However, if the host pours for each guest, they don’t say hatov vehameitiv because they don’t have a share in the wine. In that case, even the host doesn’t say it.