721. Salting Meat on Yom Tov

98:21 If a person slaughters an animal on yom tov, it’s better if he doesn’t inspect the lungs until after he skins it. This is because if he inspects the lungs first and finds the animal to be unkosher, it becomes forbidden for him to skin it. One may handle the skin of an animal that he slaughtered on yom tov in order to put it away but he may not spread it out to dry. Other skins may not be handled at all. Similarly, the feathers of a bird that was slaugthered on yom tov may be handled and put away but other feathers may not be handled at all.

98:22 It is permitted to salt meat in order to remove the blood even if it was possible to salt it before yom tov, so long as one needs it for that selfsame day. If one has extra meat and he is worried that it will spoil, he may salt it all together, including what isn’t needed for yom tov. He may do this even if there is a lot because it’s all the same amount of work. However, one may not re-salt (to preserve – MB 500:25) meat that was already salted to remove its blood, nor fish that were possible to salt before yom tov. (One may salt fish that could not have been salted before yom tov if one is going to eat them that day – Shaar Hatziyon 500:43.)