350. Grain Mixed with Other Foods

48:9 Regarding foods that are made from matzah meal or bread crumbs, such as pancakes, which are mixed with fat, eggs, or milk to a dough-like consistency that is then cooked or fried, the bracha before is mezonos and after is al hamichya. (If baked, it is advisable only to eat them as part of a meal for which one has washed – Mishnah Brurah 168:59.)

Grain products that are cooked with other foods, like when one cooks pasta with beans, two brachos are recited, one for each type of food, even if one of them makes up the majority of the dish. One recites mezonos on the grain first, eats a little, then says hoadamoh on the beans and eats some. After that, he may eat both of them together. (Mishnah Brurah 212:1 suggests that only mezonos should be recited on such a combination.) Any kind of dressing added to it is subordinate and does not require a bracha. However if the grain product and the other item are crushed and mixed together, then cooked or fried, only mezonos and al hamichya are recited. This is true even if flour is the minority ingredient. However, if flour is added not for its flavor but as a binding agent, then only the bracha on the other food is recited. This is also the case when fried flour is used to thicken a sauce. But if one ate pieces of this fried flour, he must say mezonos and, if he ate an olived-sized amount, al hamichya.