497. A Non-Jew Performing Labor for a Jew

72:23 Every person must check his or her clothes on Friday afternoon to make sure that there’s nothing in their pockets. This is true even in a place where there is an eiruv since one might have an object that may not be handled on Shabbos. (He should also check his pockets on Shabbos if he’s planning to leave the eiruv – Mishnah Brurah 252:56.)

One may not instruct or even simply permit a non-Jew to perform a forbidden labor for a Jew on Shabbos. We derive this from Exodus 12:16, ”All labor shall not be performed,” meaning even when carried out by a non-Jew. If the non-Jew was asked to do the thing on Friday (and there is not enough time to complete it before Shabbos – Mishnah Brurah 247:1), it is permitted even if he actually does it on Shabbos provided that a number of conditions are met. The first condition is that the non-Jew should remove the thing to be worked on from the Jew’s home before Shabbos, not on Shabbos.