840. Rav Yehudah bar Ilai

119:10 One who does not drink wine during the year for health reasons, should still try to drink the four cups at the Seder. The Talmud (Nedarim 49b) tells us that Rav Yehudah bar Ilai would drink four cups on Pesach even though he would then have a headache that would last until Shavuos. In any case, such a person may dilute the wine, or drink raisin wine or mead (honey wine) in places where it is considered a local beverage.

119:11 If the afikomen becomes lost, if he has matzah left from those that were made for the mitzah, then he should eat an olive-sized portion (k’zayis) from that. If not, then he may eat a k’zayis from any other matzah.