807. A Condition to Buy Back the Chometz

114:5 If the Jew rents his home from another Jew, he may not rent it to the non-Jew to live in without the permission of his landlord. Therefore he must give it to the non-Jew with the understanding that he is not renting him the room to live in, only to store his utensils and other possessions. He must not rent it to him with the specific intention to store the chometz there; rather, it is to keep any utensils and possessions there as he may desire. If the landlord is in the same city, the Jewish tenant should get permission from him to rent it. Similarly, one who departs on a journey before Pesach leaving his wife to sell the chometz should give her specific permission to rent the room.

114:6 It is forbidden to make a condition with the non-Jew that he must sell back the chometz or that the Jew must buy it back from him. One may promise that he will buy it back, giving the non-Jew some profit for his trouble.