786. Perforating the Matzah

110:10 The matzah should be perforated quickly, as soon as it is ready. One may not try to make any pattern with the holes; he should just do it as quickly as possible and immediately put the matzah into the oven. One must be extremely careful not to delay even for a moment opposite the open oven because the dough will leaven quickly. This is why we must be scrupulous to ensure that the one who hands the matzah to the baker is a learned and pious person who will pay attention to these details.

110:11 A pious person must be careful to see that the oven is thoroughly reheated before baking his matzah, with fresh coals spread over the entire surface. (Editor’s note: remember that the ovens discussed here are not like our modern ovens.) This is because a person doesn’t know if the one who used the oven before him was careful about these details.