779. The Vessel Used to Draw the Water

109:5 The water for this mitzvah should only be drawn by a Jew. (This is preferable as preparations for performing the mitzvah but the water is not disqualified if drawn by a non-Jew – Mishnah Brurah 455:21.)

109:6 One may not put the water into a vessel that had contained honey or fruit juices unless he first kashered it. (Any liquid other than water is considered fruit juice for the purposes of this mitzvah – Mishnah Brurah 455:25.) Even more so, one may not put it into a vessel that had contained spicy things, even if they weren’t chometz, because the spiciness will cause the dough to leaven quicker; even kashering does not obviate this situation. Also, one may not put the water into a copper vessel because it doesn’t keep it as cool as other vessels do. (The accepted practice is that one may knead the dough using copper utensils, just that one may not draw the water using them – ibid.)