751. Shehechiyanu on Yom Tov

103:4 On each yom tov, at the evening kiddush, one recites the bracha of Shehechiyanu, that G-d has sustained us to be able to enjoy the holiday. (If one neglected to recite the bracha at night, he does so by day – Mishnah Brurah 643:2.) The only exception is on the seventh and eighth nights of Pesach, which are not a separate holiday. There are different customs regarding whether or not women recite Shehechiyanu when they light yom tov candles, just not on the seventh and eighth nights of Pesach.

103:5 On yom tov, a person is required to cheer the members of his family according to what is appropriate for them. A person gives his children nuts and candy and his wife clothing and jewelry according to his ability (at least shoes – Bi’ur Halacha 529:2 s.v. k’fi mamono); meat and wine for the men. The practice is to have many different kinds of food on yom tov, even more so than one does on Shabbos because the Torah mentions joy regarding yom tov (see Deuteronomy chapter 16), which it does not mention regarding Shabbos. Similarly, one’s yom tov clothes should be even fancier than those of Shabbos (again, depending on one’s means – MB 529:12).