702. Melaveh Malka

96:13 The meal after Shabbos is called “melaveh malka” – escorting the queen (i.e., Shabbos). When possible, one should have bread and hot food, and set his table nicely in order to honor Shabbos as he escorts it out. If one cannot have bread, he should at least have cake or fruit. (Melaveh malka is not a binding obligation like the meals of Shabbos are, though it is a mitzvah to have it – Mishnah Brurah 300:2.)

96:14 One who has already made havdalah may make it again for his sons who have reached the age of education in order to fulfill their obligation for them. All the more so, he may make havdalah for an adult, provided that the other adult is incapable of making it for himself. One who can recite havdalah for himself should do so. When he recites the bracha over the spices in havdalah for others, he must be sure to smell them himself so that it will not be a bracha recited in vain. This is because the bracha over the spices at havdalah was only instituted so that a person could enjoy them. One who has already recited havdalah should not do so again just for women because some authorities are of the opinion that women are exempt from havdalah. (There are opinions that one may repeat havdalah just for women but there’s no reason to enter into a matter of doubt when the women can recite it for themselves – Mishnah Brurah 296:35. Refer back to 96:3.)