611. Handkerchiefs and Gloves

84:14 One may wrap his handkerchief around his pants as a belt but he must be careful not to make a double knot. A G-d-fearing person who does this should not wear suspenders with his makeshift belt so that the handkerchief actually serves this purpose. Some people wrap the handkerchief around the neck; this is not permitted if he’s already wearing a scarf, and he must occassionally wrap a kerchief around his neck to protect himself from the cold. This must likewise be tied with a type of knot permitted on Shabbos. If he just puts the handkerchief on his neck with the ends hanging down in front, it is completely prohibited. Similarly, one may not go out with the handkerchief wrapped around his foot or his hand.

84:15 Some authorities permit one to go out wearing gloves, while others prohibit it. (It is advisable to follow the stringent opinion – Mishnah Brurah 301:141.) One may act more leniently regarding a muff. (The Mishnah Brurah sees no reason to differentiate between gloves and a muff – MB 301:139.)