604. Needles and Pins

83:6 If a courtyard has an area of two seah or less, and it was planted in only a part of it, is judged by the greater portion. If most (or all – Bi’ur Halacha 358:9 s.v. karpeif) of it was planted, then even though one may carry in it, items that were in the house when Shabbos arrived may not be taken into the courtyard. One should therefore make a partition in front of the garden to enable carrying between the house and the courtyard.

84:1 One may not go out to a public domain or a carmelis with anything that isn’t a garment or jewelry. Therefore, one may not go out with a needle or a pin stuck in his clothes. If it is needed for the garment, a man should be stringent. A woman may do so because it’s common for women to connect things like a kerchief using pins. This leniency only applies to pins, not to needles (since they are not generally used for this purpose – Mishnah Brurah 301:33).