513. Feminine, Masculine, Plural

76:3 The custom is to say “v’yanuchu bah” (“may they rest on it” – “it” being in the feminine) during Maariv, “v’yanuchu bo” (“may they rest on it” – masculine) during Shacharis and Musaf, and “v’yanuchu bam” (“may they rest on them” – plural) during Mincha.

76:4 After the silent Amidah prayer on Friday night, everyone recites “Vayachulu” together (“The heavens and the earth were finished” – Genesis 2:1-3). (At the very least, two people should recite it together – Mishnah Brurah 268:19.) These verses should be recited while standing because we are giving testimony that G-d is the Creator of all, and testimony is given while standing.