527. Covering the Challah

77:8 The loaves should be covered while saying Kiddush, even when making Kiddush over bread. This is a symbol of the manna, which was covered by dew both on top and below. (When saying Kiddush over bread, one should uncover the loaves to say the bracha of HaMotzi and re-cover them for the rest of Kiddush. See the complete procedure in Mishnah Brurah 271:41.)

77:9 The one making Kiddush should drink at minimum a cheek-full of wine without interruption; it is a mitzvah for everyone to take a sip of the Kiddush wine. (They do not need to drink a cheek-full; a sip suffices – MB 271:71.) A person who for whatever reason does not drink wine should not make Kiddush on wine relying on others to drink it. (Other authorities do permit this – Rema 272:9. If someone else drinks a cheek-full, it is effective but several diners’ sips do not combine to form this volume – OC 271:14. Some authorities even permit all the diners’ sip to combine to this volume – MB 271:73.)