796. Leaving Town

111:15 One should not throw kernels of grain to chickens in a damp place within thirty days of Pesach. This is out of concern that one may forget to burn them.

111:16 Before one departs on a journey, he should appoint an agent to search for and nullify his chometz in his absence. (The agent recites a bracha on the search – Mishnah Brurah 432:10.) He should tell the other person explicitly that he is appointing him as his agent for both the search and the nullification. (One cannot nullify another person’s chometz unless specifically empowered to do so – MB 434:15.) At the time of the nullification, the agent specifies “the chometz of so-and-so…” Additionally, the owner of the chometz should also recite the nullification on the morning of erev Pesach, wherever he may be.