411. New Clothes

59:8 When one puts on a new garment, he recites the bracha of “Malbish arumim,” that G-d clothes the naked. (He recites this before saying shehechiyanu – Mishnah Brurah 223:18.) One does so even though he already said this bracha as part of the morning service – that is, unless he was wearing the garment when he recited the bracha at shacharis. Some authorities are of the opinion that one recites “Oteir Yisroel b’sifarah” (that G-d crowns Israel with glory) when putting on a new hat and “Ozeir Yisroel b’gevurah” (that G-d girds Israel with strength) over a new belt. Others disagree so it is best to avoid the doubtful situation by wearing a new hat or belt to the morning service, when one would recite those brachos anyway. If one bought a tallis without pre-attached tzitzis, he recites shehechiyanu after attaching the tzitzis. If he neglected to do so, he should say shechiyanu the first time he wears it, after reciting “l’hisateif b’tzitzis.”

59:9 If one acquires a new utensil that will be used by him and also by the members of his household, he should recite “haTov v’haMeitiv.” (If one gets new clothes for the members of his household, he still recites “haTov v’haMeitiv” since he also benefits by having the members of his household nicely dressed – Mishnah Brurah 223:19.)