761. Shaving on Chol HaMoed

104:10 If a Jew has a garden next to the garden of a non-Jew and the non-Jew is picking his own fruit, and if the Jew doesn’t pick his fruit, he will lose money, then it is permitted to pick them. If they are a kind of fruit that spoils after picking unless one does some extra work, one may do whatever is necessary, even such activities as pressing grapes into wine. This is only the case so long as he did not intentionally delay the work until chol hamoed.

It is prohibited to shave on chol hamoed even if one shaved before yom tov (and even if he was prevented from shaving before yom tov by circumstances beyond his control – Mishnah Brurah 531:5). The exception is a person who was just released from prison, even if he was released on erev yom tov but didn’t have time to shave then. (Nevertheless, he may not get his hair cut publicly, only in private – OC 531:5.)