754. Partying Too Much on Yom Tov

103:10 When a person eats, drinks and rejoices on a yom tov, he should not overdo the wine, levity and lightheadedness, justifying it by saying that everything he’s doing adds to the mitzvah of rejoicing. Getting drunk and acting foolish are not considered rejoicing but debauchery. We were not commanded to act like drunken fools, we were only commanded regarding the type of joy that comes from worshipping the Creator of all, as per Deuteronomy 28:47, “Because you would not serve Hashem your G-d with joy and with a glad heart for the abundance of all things.” From this we see that serving G-d is with joy, and it’s impossible to serve G-d with with lightheadedness or intoxication.

103:11 A trait of the righteous is to have Hashem before you always and to recognize Him in all your ways. If you do, you will bless and praise Him even more on your holidays for the joy He has provided. At times of rejoicing and celebration, a person should think to himself, if this is the joy of this world, which is ultimately meaningless because sorrow comes next, how great will the joy of the Next World be, which is eternal because sorrow does not follow it. One should daven to Hashem to turn one’s heart to serve Him and to carry out His will sincerely. One will then rejoice with everlasting joy and be granted life in the Next World, before the light of the Eternal King.