355. Changing One’s Mind

49:9 If a person decided to stop drinking wine and changed his mind so that he needs to say the bracha of hagafen again, he should recite hatov vehameitiv first and hagafen second. (At the Seder, it is advisable to use only one type of wine in order to avoid obligating oneself in the bracha of hatov vehameitiv during the four cups – Mishnah Brurah 175:2.)

The bracha of hatov vehameitiv is only recited when one doesn’t know that the second wine is inferior to the first – even if it’s not known to be better. If the second is known to be of a lesser quality, then hatov vehameitiv is not said unless it is known to be healthier than the first wine. (If one drinks red wine after white wine, he only recites hatov vehameitiv if he knows the red to be a better wine. This is because white wine is generally accepted to be better for one’s health than red wine – Mishnah Brurah 175:13.)