712. Pounding Spices on Yom Tov

98:3 If pounding certain spices before yom tov would cause them to lose their taste, one may pound them on yom tov in an unusual manner. For example, one may lay the mortar on its side, or pound the spices on the table, etc. Similarly, horseradish that one rubs on a grater may not be done in a dish like we do on weekdays, but on a cloth. One may not grind coffee in a mill, but he may crush it in a mortar in an unusual manner. However, it’s still preferable to prepare all these things before yom tov. When it comes to foods that don’t lose their taste, one should certainly be careful to grind them before yom tov. However, if one forgot, he may do so on yom tov in an unusual manner. All the above-mentioned items are only permitted to be prepared for the same day, not for the following day. There is even reason to be stricter and only prepare what is needed now for the same meal. One should also be careful about these matters when pounding matzah.

It is forbidden to split wood or even to break it by hand. We may not collect wood from a place where it is scattered.