684. An Apostate

94:22 If it’s not possible to rent the non-Jew’s place, one of the Jews should ask him to lend him a space in his place for him to deposit some object. The Jew leaves the object there, whereby he acquires the place. Even if the object was removed from there before Shabbaos, since the Jew had permission to leave the object there also on Shabbos, it’s still considered as if he has part of the residence. This Jew can then rent this space to all the residents of the courtyard. (This would work even through a Jew who does not reside in that courtyard – Mishnah Brurah 382:36.)

94:23 A Jewish apostate (one who has turned to another religion – OC 385:3; even if he does so only in private – MB 385:3) or one who publicly desecrates Shabbos (habitually – MB 385:4; rebelliously, not from ignorance – Bi’ur Halacha 385:3 s.v. o l’chalel) is considered like a non-Jew in this matter and one needs to rent his place from him. Some authorities say that this is true even of one who publicly violates only Rabbinic prohibitions.