642. A Base for Muktzeh

88:18 One may place a container under a leak on Shabbos. If the container fills up, one may empty it and return it to its place. This applies in a case where the dripping water is suitable for washing (or for an animal to drink – Mishnah Brurah 338:30). If the water is disgusting, one may not place a container there because we are not allowed to intentionally make something repulsive. If one violated this and placed a container under disgusting water and it’s in a place where it repulses him, he may remove it.

89:1 If one intentionally put a muktzeh item on a vessel before Shabbos with the intention that it would remain there when Shabbos arrived, this vessel becomes a base for a forbidden object. Even if one removed the muktzeh from there on Shabbos, the vessel is nevertheless the base for a forbidden object because the muktzeh was on it at twilight. It is therefore forbidden to handle this vessel the whole Shabbos even if one needs the object itself or the place being occupied by the object.