516. Bameh Madlikin; Sleeping In

76:9 It is customary to recite the chapter of mishnayos “Bameh Madlikin” (Tractate Shabbos chapter 2) on Friday nights. This is not recited on yom tov that falls on Shabbos, nor when Friday is a yom tov, nor on Shabbos chol hamoed (i.e., in the intermediate days of a festival).

There is a practice not to get up as early for shul on Shabbos as one does during the week, since sleep is a part of one’s Shabbos enjoyment. We see a hint to this from the fact that regarding the daily sacrifice on weekdays, the Torah says, “in the morning” (Numbers 28:4) but regarding Shabbos it says “on Shabbos day” (Numbers 28:9), meaning later. In any event, one must be sure to the recite the Shema and the Amidah in their proper times. (Mishnah Brurah 281:1 disagrees advises early rising even on Shabbos.)