802. Cutting Hair and Nails on Erev Pesach

113:4 Cutting one’s hair and nails must be done before midday. If one forgot, he may cut his nails after midday (himself or by another person for free – Mishnah Brurah 468:5) but he may then only have his hair cut by a non-Jew. (Those who may cut their hair and launder their clothes on chol hamoed, such as a person released from prison, may also do so on erev Pesach – MB 468:7.)

113:5 We may not eat matzah the entire day erev Pesach. (Some don’t eat it starting from Rosh Chodesh Nisan – MB 471:12.) This applies even to children; anyone who understands the concept of the exodus from Egypt may not be given matzah, though food made from matzah meal may be eaten by everybody up to the tenth hour, which is until the last quarter of the day. From that point on, it is prohibited to eat except for some fruit, meat or fish if necessary. (The Rambam and the Gra say not to eat any matzah products at all on erev Pesach – Shaar HaTziyon 444:1.) One must be careful not to fill his stomach so that he will be able to eat with an appetite at night.