403. Fragrant Oil

58:6 Balsam oil that comes from Israel has its own bracha, which was instituted because of the importance of Israel. The bracha is “Borei shemen areiv,” that G-d created pleasant oil. (If one said “Borei atzei besamim,” it is effective after the fact – Mishnah Brurah 216:23.)

If one recited “isvei vesamim” over something from a tree or “atzei besamim” over a plant, he has not fulfilled his obligation. However, if one recited “Borei minei besamim” on any type of fragrance, it is acceptable. Similarly, one should recite “Borei minei besamim” over any fragrance whose source he cannot properly identify. The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch expresses an opinion that if one recited “atzei besamim” over fruit, it should be acceptable; he therefore recommends reciting “atzei besamim” over such things as cloves and the peels of citrus fruits. (Mishnah Brurah 216:16 recommends reciting “Borei minei besamim” over cloves.)